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The Army Painter offers a comprehensive range of paints specially designed for miniatures and miniature models, providing professional quality and ease of use for hobbyists and experienced painters.

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These paints are available in a wide range of colours, offering a variety of options to suit the needs of any painting project. Whether creating vibrant hues for vibrant armour, subtle shades for realistic skins or rich tones for fantastic landscapes, The Army Painter paints offer exceptional quality and versatility.

The paints are formulated with a high concentration of high quality pigments, ensuring excellent coverage and intense colour from the first application. What's more, they are designed to be easily diluted for subtle shading effects or transparent glazes.

The Army Painter range includes a number of different lines, including the Warpaints Range, which offers quality acrylic paint pots, and the Color Primer Range, which offers spray undercoats specially formulated to adhere to plastic, resin and metal surfaces.