The City States

As the Hundred Kingdoms emerged from a turbulent period of violence, hunger, and desperate refugees, the City States prospered, exploring the ancient secrets of the Dominion, including archemy and divinity. Today, they are renowned for their vast knowledge and the glorious legacy of the Old Dominion of Man. This is the narrative promoted by the City States' Locutors. However, the truth is that the City States were founded by their leader, Constantius Domulexor, who rose from being a humble butcher's apprentice to become the Maistros of the Dominion's Collegia.

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Alongside his colleague, the unnamed First Magos of the Collegia, Constantius discovered the creeping madness of Hazlia. They delved into the secrets of divinity and the Primordial, uncovering information about the nature of power and divinity that have since been lost. Their research changed both individuals, but while the First Magos sought to kill his God with the knowledge and power he acquired, Constantius aimed to protect and safeguard humanity from the impending cataclysm. In the early stages of his plans, Constantius used his original name, Platon of Chorae, to ensure secrecy. He undertook the enormous task of transferring the accumulated knowledge of an entire empire, a task of great significance.