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Mantic Games is a UK-based publisher of miniature games, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality and accessibility in the world of miniature gaming. Founded in 2008 by Ronnie Renton, Mantic Games has quickly established itself as a driving force in the miniature gaming industry, offering affordable and exciting alternatives to more established games.

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One of the distinguishing features of Mantic Games is its community-focused approach. The publisher encourages the participation of players and fans in the development of its games. Mantic Games' philosophy is based on the idea that gamers should have a meaningful voice in the evolution of the games to which they devote their time and energy. This collaborative approach has led to more balanced games, tailored to players' preferences, and an engaged community.

Among Mantic Games' most popular games is "Kings of War", a fantasy battle game that stands out for its simplicity and balance, allowing for epic clashes between fantastic armies. "The Walking Dead: All Out War is another iconic title, based on the hit TV series. It offers an immersive experience in the post-apocalyptic world of the undead.

Mantic Games also stands out for its commitment to the quality of its miniatures. The detailed sculpting and durable materials used in the miniatures make them popular collectors' items for model enthusiasts. The publisher also offers extensive product ranges, from starter kits for beginners to expansions and specialist miniatures for veterans.

The diversity of game worlds offered by Mantic Games demonstrates its desire to satisfy a wide range of players. From fantasy worlds to post-apocalyptic environments, Mantic Games offers a variety of experiences for fans of miniature games.

In short, Mantic Games stands out for its commitment to the community, its accessibility, its quality of design and its constant desire to innovate in the miniature gaming industry. As a dynamic publisher, Mantic Games continues to captivate gamers around the world with its exciting creations.