Dystopian Wars

"Dystopian Wars" immerses players in a captivating tabletop wargame, where naval battles unfold through intricately crafted miniature models that epitomize colossal engines of devastation both on, above, and beneath the boundless seas. This riveting game unfolds within an alternative late-Nineteenth Century realm known as the Dystopian Age, where technologically advanced nations fueled by super-science collide in relentless conflicts for vital resources and supremacy.

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Take on the role of a faction of your choice and engage in epic battles across the oceanic expanses and skies, commanding awe-inspiring war machines powered by extraordinary technological marvels that define the essence of the Dystopian Age.

This comprehensive box set not only equips two players with everything they need to embark on their "Dystopian Wars" journey but also unveils an enthralling campaign narrative. Within this narrative, the clandestine theft of the prototype Hypatia Class Generator vessel by the enigmatic Russian double agent, Helsinki Markov, takes center stage.

The Commonwealth Intelligence Service, known as the Okhrana, seizes this opportunity to obtain closely guarded Enlightened secrets and assimilate cutting-edge technology into their arsenal, fortifying their defenses to safeguard the Commonwealth. While this audacious move risks retaliation from the Enlightened faction, the Okhrana remains steadfast, believing that the potential gains outweigh the potential consequences. In contrast, the Covenant faction, fiercely protective of their secrets, guards the Generator ship with unwavering devotion, recognizing that its loss would set back their years of dedicated research and development.

The game is now in motion, with both sides poised for a high-stakes showdown, where victory holds the promise of technological supremacy and the price of defeat is nothing short of catastrophic.