Painting miniatures is a complex and meticulous artistic process that requires patience, precision and creativity. The process begins with preparing the miniature, which often involves cleaning and assembling the parts, as well as applying an undercoat to help the paint adhere.

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Once preparation is complete, the actual painting process can begin. This usually begins with the application of the base colours, using acrylic paints specially designed for miniatures. Painters often use a technique called "base coat" to evenly cover the miniature with the base colours.

Details are then added to the miniature. This can include applying darker colours to create shadows and lighter colours to create points of light. Painters often use wet or dry mixing techniques to achieve smooth transitions between colours.

Once the basic colours and details are in place, the final touches are applied to the figurine. This can include adding small details, such as eyes or insignia, as well as applying varnish to protect the paintwork.

Finally, the base of the miniature is painted to match the overall theme or mood of the miniature.