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Kill Team: Ashes of Faith (French)

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The immensity of the warp is so vast and all-encompassing that engaging in direct combat with it is akin to wielding a sword against the relentless tide of the ocean. The Imperium of Man has found greater success by identifying and isolating the locations where the warp's influence manifests in mortal beings—heretical cults, secretive organizations, and gatherings of traitors.


The responsibility of confronting these insurrectionist forces falls upon the covert warriors of the Inquisition. Kill Team: Ashes of Faith presents an extensive narrative campaign centered around a select group of these operatives, as they strive to eradicate a pernicious Chaos Cult that has infested an entire planet.

The SundayPreview May14 AshesofFaith set features a total of 40 miniatures, with 23 dedicated to the Chaos Cult and 17 encompassing various Inquisitorial Agents. Among them, seven are innovative dual-build miniatures, providing the opportunity to assemble an unconventional group of exceptionally talented individuals. Additionally, the set includes the Ashes of Faith Campaign Rulebook, containing all the necessary rules to partake in this planet-spanning narrative, along with numerous accessories.

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