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Trugg’s Great Troggherd

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Emerging from a slumber that spanned centuries, Trugg awoke to a throbbing, monumental headache. It seemed that during his peaceful nap, an enormous celestial contraption had been affixed to his cranium, and its celestial energies were wreaking havoc on his troggoth sensibilities. The slightest whisper of arcane magic sent agonizing shocks through his skull. Fueled by both pain and confusion, he rallied a horde of his fellow troggoths, embarking on an unrelenting rampage against all things magical. The Twin-Tailed Crusade, unsuspecting, soon found itself in the crosshairs of his wrath.

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The formidable Great Troggherd offers an all-inclusive assortment of miniatures to initiate your very own troggoth army. This assembly includes the king himself, Trugg, and a loyal retinue of six Rockgut Troggoths. Remarkably, it's the premiere source to acquire this newfound brawler, and it seamlessly complements existing Gloomspite Gitz forces, enriching their ranks with brute strength and unique abilities.

Trugg's awakening has heralded a tumultuous chapter in the annals of warfare, where the arcane meets unyielding brawn. Whether you are building a troggoth-centered force from scratch or fortifying your preexisting Gloomspite Gitz legions, the Great Troggherd promises to be an exciting addition to your collection. Prepare to join Trugg's quest to shatter the magical realm and embrace the chaos that ensues.

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