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Now, when we turn our attention to the Gitz – only a grot who possesses an unparalleled mastery of cacophony could succeed in stirring the troggoth king from his deep slumber, and that grot is none other than the Rabble-rowza. These chattering champions, with voices supernaturally amplified by magic, emit an ear-splitting clamor that has the power to rattle the very depths of subterranean realms, disturbing creatures lurking in the darkest recesses below. The Rabble-rowza stands as the catalyst that a horde of grots requires to shake off their lethargy and infuse newfound vigor into their ranks.

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The Rabble-rowza embodies the essence of auditory chaos, wielding sound as a weapon of disruption and inspiration. Their deafening utterances penetrate even the deepest caverns, summoning forth the troggoth king with a symphony of dissonance. For a tribe of grots yearning to muster their collective resolve and muster courage in the face of perilous odds, the Rabble-rowza's presence is nothing short of essential. With their shrill voices leading the way, these grots are primed to embark on audacious adventures and create bedlam wherever they tread.

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