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Combat Patrol Aeldari

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A versatile variety of Aeldari units, perfect for initiating or expanding your army.

A complete Patrol formation in a single box.

Includes 19 plastic figures to assemble.

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The Aeldari once ruled the galaxy until their civilisation collapsed under the weight of its own hedonism. Now, the Asuryani roam the stellar immensity aboard immense world-ships, where citizens follow strict Ways to avoid sinking into the decadence of their ancestors. The Guardians of each Worldship take up arms to defend their decaying race, wielding fearsome shuriken catapults or energy swords, or decimating the enemy from their nimble motorbikes as Guardians of the Wind. Guided by the wisdom of their Great Prophets and supported by the sophisticated firepower of their elegant Ghost Lords, the Aeldari struggle to survive in a galaxy where extinction seems inevitable.

If you're looking for a well-balanced mix of powerful psykers, superhumanly agile warriors and esoteric weaponry, then Patrol: Aeldari is for you. This complete box provides you with all the essential units to get you started in the game or to reinforce an existing Aeldari or Yunnari army. Each element of this set has been carefully selected to form an ideal Aeldari force for Patrol format games, reaching a Power Level of around 25. What's more, you'll make significant savings compared to buying the miniatures individually.

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