Empire of Dust

The Dust Empire is one of the playable factions in the Kings of War miniatures game. It consists of undead armies led by Necromancers, who seek to conquer and rule the world of the living. Units of the Dust Empire include skeletons, zombies, ghouls and other undead creatures, as well as more powerful monsters such as golems and stone giants.

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The Dust Empire is an army that emphasises resilience and pain resistance over speed and manoeuvrability. Its units are often difficult to eliminate, but they are also slow and vulnerable to flanking attacks. Players must be able to coordinate their units to cover their weaknesses while exploiting the advantages of their endurance and numbers.

The Necromancers of the Dust Empire are also capable of using dark magic to raise the dead, control the minds of enemies and inflict devastating curses. They are a constant threat to enemy armies, who must be able to neutralise their spells and special powers if they are to win. In short, the Dust Empire is a strategic and ruthless army that can be a formidable challenge for players seeking to face it on the battlefield.