The Asterians are a distinct and fascinating faction in Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game. Profoundly revered for their pursuit of universal balance, the Asterians have built their entire society around this central concept. They firmly reject war and violence, preferring instead a peaceful and technological approach to achieving their goals.

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Asterian warriors are distinguished by their disregard for any physical risk on the battlefield. They have developed cutting-edge technology that enables them to fight from a distance, without putting themselves in direct danger. These elite fighters pilot sophisticated drones, known as Cyphers, from orbital positions. These Cyphers are as agile and skilled as a living creature, but with the added advantages of far greater speed, strength and endurance.

The Asterians' aesthetic is elegant and futuristic. Their sleek, shiny armour and clean lines give an impression of technological sophistication. They are renowned for their mastery of the martial arts and their mental discipline, which makes them not only formidable on the battlefield, but also intelligent and strategic opponents.

As a faction, the Asterians stand out for their unique approach to warfare and their commitment to balance and peace. Their advanced technology and ranged combat style make them a force to be reckoned with on the Deadzone battlefield.