The Enforcers are a powerful and disciplined faction in Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game. They represent the authority and strength of the state, acting as guardians of order and defenders of the law in the dark world of the game.

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The Enforcers are elite soldiers, perfectly trained and equipped with advanced technology. Their appearance is imposing, with heavy armour that reflects their status as forces of law and order. Their weapons are state-of-the-art, combining efficiency and precision to enforce the law with authority.

As a faction, the Enforcers are known for their unwavering discipline and absolute loyalty to the state. Their rigid hierarchy and strict code of honour dictate their actions on the battlefield. They are prepared to sacrifice their lives to protect the innocent and maintain order, without compromising their principles.

Enforcers are often pitted against hostile forces, such as marauders and alien creatures, who threaten the stability and security of society. They are also in conflict with criminal factions and rebel groups who challenge the authority of the state.

As an Enforcers player, you have access to a variety of specialist troops, from versatile assault soldiers to precise snipers and fearsome combat robots. Thanks to their discipline, cutting-edge equipment and well-thought-out strategy, Enforcers are a formidable force on the battlefield.

The Enforcers symbolise the brute force of authority and the unshakeable will to keep the peace. They are the hope of ordinary citizens in the chaotic Deadzone, ready to uphold the law and fight for the survival of civilisation.