Forge Fathers

The Forge Fathers are an emblematic faction of the Deadzone miniatures game, published by Mantic Games. Originating from a resilient and technologically advanced race of dwarves, the Forge Fathers are distinguished by their mastery of cutting-edge technologies and their dedication to forging and engineering.

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These valiant warriors come from a culture centred on metalwork and mechanics, where honour, discipline and efficiency are fundamental values. The Forge Fathers have perfected their craft, creating high-tech weapons and armour to defend themselves in the dangerous reaches of the Deadzone.

Their robust armour, reinforced with layers of metal and sophisticated power systems, offers unrivalled protection on the battlefield. Their weapons, such as fusion rifles and thermal hammers, are designed to annihilate their enemies with implacable efficiency.

As a faction, the Forge Fathers are known for their tenacity and resilience, refusing to back down in the face of adversity. Their determination to protect their territories and interests drives them to throw themselves into the most perilous battles without hesitation.

The Forge Fathers are also renowned for their construction and repair skills, enabling them to deploy maintenance drones and automated combat machines to support their troops in the field.

In short, the Forge Fathers embody the fusion of advanced technology and martial tradition, forming a formidable and determined faction in the captivating world of Deadzone.