The GCPS (Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere) faction in Mantic Games' "Deadzone" miniatures game is a powerful and technologically advanced force. Originating from a hyper-corporatist society, the GCPS represents the interests of the major galactic corporations.

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The GCPS forces are made up of elite soldiers, sophisticated combat robots and futuristic vehicles. Their armour and equipment are highly secure, offering optimum protection on the battlefield. GCPS troops are disciplined, well-trained and used to working as a team, making them a formidable force.

GCPS units use a variety of energy weapons, pulse rifles and plasma cannons to eliminate their enemies. Their advanced technologies also allow them to use support drones, automated turrets and electronic defence systems to reinforce their position.

As a faction, the GCPS focuses on colonisation, resource exploitation and consolidating their economic power. Their objectives can vary, from securing strategic deployment zones to protecting convoys of valuable goods.

In the Deadzone universe, the GCPS is both a military force and an executive arm of the major corporations, seeking to extend their influence and maintain control over contested areas. Their methods can sometimes be controversial, but their firepower and resources make them a formidable opponent on the battlefield.