The Marauders are a distinct and savage faction of the Deadzone miniatures game, created by Mantic Games. Made up of bands of ruthless raiders, they roam the dangerous reaches of the Deadzone, seeking to appropriate resources and wreak havoc.

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The Marauders are known for their brutal nature and lack of rules. They abide by no law or code of honour, engaging in unrestrained looting and violence. Their main aim is to enrich themselves by appropriating the precious technologies and resources found in the dead zones.

Armed in a patchwork fashion, the Marauders use a variety of makeshift weapons, from rusty swords and axes to makeshift improvised rifles. Their equipment is often the result of ingenious salvaging and tinkering, reflecting their wandering lifestyle and their ability to make do with the limited resources they find.

Marauders' tactics rely mainly on speed and surprise. They move quickly through battle zones, using guerrilla tactics to destabilise their enemies. They are also known for their expertise in sabotage and hacking, using their cunning intelligence to weaken their opponents' defences and gain access to coveted technology.

The Marauders are not an organised, unified force, but rather a disparate collection of groups and gangs. Their chaotic and unpredictable nature makes them a force that is difficult to predict and control, but equally formidable because of their flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to different combat situations.

In short, the Marauders represent a savage and ruthless faction, living in the heart of the Deadzone and seeking to take advantage of the chaos that reigns. Their ruthless attitude and unpredictable style of play make them formidable opponents for anyone who dares to venture into their territory.