The "Plague" faction is a sinister and devastating faction in Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game. Made up of a horde of infected and mutated beings, the Plague represent a terrifying and contagious force within the Deadzone.

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The members of the Plague faction are victims of a terrible epidemic that has ravaged their bodies and altered their minds. Transformed into grotesque, deformed creatures, they are driven by unbridled rage and an insatiable thirst for destruction. Their disturbing appearance is characterised by twisted limbs, putrefied flesh and horrific mutations, testimony to their deep connection with the disease that struck them.

Plagues spread rapidly, both through the violence of their attacks and the contagion they carry. Their main objective is to spread corruption and disease throughout the Deadzone, transforming other factions into degenerate creatures in their image. Their ranks are bolstered by epidemiologists who manipulate viral strains and seek to perfect their biological weapons.

On the battlefield, the Plagues use infected weapons and brutal combat techniques. Their biological weapons, such as spore launchers and infected claws, are designed to spread their deadly diseases rapidly. Their tactical approach is based on a fierce and relentless charge, surprising their enemies with swift and devastating assaults.

Plagues are also capable of regeneration, making them particularly resistant to enemy attacks. Their ability to survive in extreme conditions and to absorb the Deadzone's resources make them a formidable force that is difficult to eliminate.

In short, the Plagues represent an abominable and contagious faction that embodies destruction and disease in the world of Deadzone. Their presence evokes horror and terror, and those who oppose them face adversity as relentless as it is deadly.