The Veer-myn faction in Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game is an insidious and vicious force. Originating from the dark and nightmarish depths of abandoned areas, the Veer-myn are a race of humanoid rodents that have adapted to life underground.

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The Veer-myn are experts at infiltration and stealth. Their sneaky nature and natural agility enable them to move quickly and silently through tunnels and corridors, appearing from nowhere to take their opponents by surprise.

Their troops are generally light and fast, equipped with improvised weapons and sharp claws. The Veer-myn prefer harassment tactics, using ambushes and lightning attacks to disorientate their enemies. Their ability to blend into the shadows and disappear quickly makes them formidable opponents.

The Veer-myn also possess unique and frightening technology, using poison and contamination devices to weaken their opponents. They can deploy mutant creatures and giant rats into battle, wreaking havoc on enemy ranks.

In terms of strategy, Veer-myn are excellent at attacking by surprise, harassing flanks and capturing key objectives quickly. Their ability to slip through enemy lines and inflict quick, unpredictable damage makes them a formidable faction to face on the battlefield.

In the Deadzone universe, the Veer-myn are a dark and dangerous faction, ready to emerge from the darkness to wreak havoc. Their unique style of play, based on infiltration and surprise, makes them a faction appreciated by players who appreciate a subversive tactical approach.