Mazon Labs

The Mazon Labs faction in Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game embodies a powerful and mysterious scientific corporation. Focused on research, experimentation and advanced technological development, Mazon Labs exploits the Deadzone's resources for their own purposes.

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Mazon Labs' troops are made up of highly specialised scientists and elite soldiers. Their equipment and weapons reflect their scientific approach, combining futuristic technologies, sophisticated armour and devastating energy weapons. Their expertise enables them to manipulate Deadzone energies, creating unique biochemical weapons and technological artefacts.

As a faction, Mazon Labs seek to control the Deadzone to extend their scientific influence and technological supremacy. They focus on gathering valuable resources, researching scientific discoveries and experimenting with Deadzone creatures and technologies.

Mazon Labs' tactics are often based on exploiting their opponents' weaknesses and making strategic use of their technological advances. They can deploy combat drones, enhanced energy armour and specialised weapons to surprise and dominate their enemies.

The Mazon Labs faction represents an enigmatic and calculating force, prepared to do anything to achieve their scientific goals. Their rational approach and mastery of advanced technologies make them formidable opponents on the Deadzone battlefield.