In Mantic Games' Deadzone miniatures game, the "Nameless" faction is a mysterious and disturbing force that plays a central role in the game's dark, post-apocalyptic universe. The Nameless are a strange and disturbing alien race from another dimension who invade the Deadzone, an urban area devastated by war.

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The Nameless are characterised by their grotesque appearance and twisted shapes. They are often described as nightmarish creatures, made up of corrupted flesh, tentacles and strange appendages. Their anatomy is unconventional, making them disconcerting and frightening to other factions.

This faction is led by beings known as the Progenitors, who appear to be both the creators and masters of the Nameless. The Progenitors are powerful and mysterious individuals with psychic powers and forbidden knowledge. They manipulate the Nameless as they see fit, sending them on missions to achieve their own ends.

Nameless combat tactics are based on their ability to move quickly and inflict brutal damage on their enemies. They use organic biological weapons, devastating ranged attacks and psychic skills to overwhelm their opponents. They also take advantage of their ability to sneak through the tightest, most inaccessible areas, making them formidable in the confined urban environments of the Deadzone.

The Nameless' motivations remain largely unknown. Some speculate that they seek to conquer the Deadzone in order to extend their influence and dominance, while others believe that they have even darker and more mystical objectives linked to their extra-dimensional nature.

All in all, the Nameless are a fascinating and disturbing faction of the Deadzone game. Their distinct aesthetic, unique abilities and aura of mystery make them an attractive choice for players looking to explore the darker side of this post-apocalyptic universe.