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Transport de Patrouille LAAT/LE (French)

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A whole new era of strategy is upon the Republic and Empire forces with the imminent arrival of the LAAT/le Patrol Transport expansion to your tactical arsenal! This unique expansion, compatible with two factions, features a captivating vehicle figure with an intricately detailed interior and two different sets of pilots: one wearing Clone Phase II armor, and the other sporting the Imperial TIE pilot uniform. The LAAT/le's rear doors can be mounted closed or open to reveal interior details, while a transparent cockpit panel allows a view inside the ship and its two pilots. This expansion offers new tactical options for these factions, which will fit nicely into the strategies preferred by the most seasoned players.

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The LAAT/le patrol transport brings a new level of strategy to the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. With the flexibility offered by the upgrade cards, the ability to include a campaign commander, and the "Transport: Closed" keyword associated with this unit, bold new tactics emerge, offering a multitude of synergistic interactions not previously available to these factions.

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