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Fistful Of Credits (Squad)

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The galaxy's most ruthless bounty hunters make their grand entrance into Star Wars: Shatterpoint with this stunning pack!

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The cunning and fearsome Cad Bane, whose reputation has been forged working for both the Hutts and Darth Sidious himself, joins the battle as the pack's main unit.

He's joined by the fearsome Aurra Sing, an equally deadly secondary unit. What's more, an all-new bounty hunter unit joins the fray, comprising a Chadran-Fan, a Todo 360 and a Devaronian, adding a new dimension of support to your forces.

In addition to exquisite miniatures representing these iconic characters, this pack includes all the unit, posture and order cards needed for players to deploy them optimally in Star Wars: Shatterpoint! Get ready for a thrilling galactic adventure by integrating these exceptional bounty hunters into your tactical arsenal.

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