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Sturginium Skies - Two Player Starter Set

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In the turbulent era known as the Dystopian Age, the major powers continually test each other's boundaries, engaging in territorial disputes and resource conflicts. The Imperium, which already had a firm grip on miles of Greenland's coastline, had decided to expand its influence into the Labrador Sea, aiming to assert control over some of the Crown's Dominion territories in Canada. It was hoped that the overwhelming presence of the Imperium's military forces in the region would force the Crown to concede the fishing and gas fields to them. With the Union's activities in southwest Canada serving as a diversion, diverting much of the Canadian airforce and attention, Kommodore Wilhelmina von Hoeppner received the Kaiser's approval to initiate a special operation.

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The initial advances made by the Prussian airships encountered the expected patrols from the Canadian Aerial Defence Force. The vast Imperium forces efficiently and ruthlessly neutralized these valiant aircraft, leaving the eastern coast vulnerable and poorly defended in the face of the Prussian onslaught. It wasn't until the early stages of the ensuing naval battles that the Crown became aware of the Imperium's true intentions. By then, the Atlantic Fleet was left to fend for itself in the conflict.

Military campaigns require time and logistical planning, and during the lull following the initial battle, urgent pleas for reinforcements were sent to both the High Commission in Ottawa and Canadian Naval Command. Fortunately, the British 14th Rotor Expeditionary Division, under the command of Air Marshal Clive Spottswoode, was conducting maneuvers off the coast of Ireland. The 14th Division had intercepted Imperium communication chatter, allowing them to locate a Prussian refueling convoy in the mid-Atlantic. Spottswoode acted swiftly, utilizing the captured Imperium supplies and heading at full speed toward the Labrador coast.

The Prussian aerial battlefleets launched their offensive, led by a formidable Stark Imperium class skyfortress, with support from aerial and naval assets. Despite the initial disarray, Canadian defenses regrouped and began mounting counterattacks against the Prussian forces. Kommodore von Hoeppner had to dispatch squadrons of her Kreigsturm Assault Airships to hunt down Canadian patrols, hoping to catch them off guard. Unbeknownst to her, the Canadians had recently redeployed three squadrons of their advanced Toronto Class Control Cruisers to the region just a week prior to the invasion. These cutting-edge vessels played a pivotal role in tracking Imperium attacks and coordinating Canadian naval defenses, slowing the Prussian advance and buying precious time for Crown reinforcements.

"Sturginium Skies" portrays the valiant struggle of the beleaguered Canadian forces as they resist a formidable Imperium assault. Will Air Marshal Spottswoode and the 14th Rotor Expedition arrive in time to turn the tide in favor of the Crown? Or will Kommodore von Hoeppner and her Prussian battlefleets achieve their objectives and bring glory to the Imperium?


  • 1x Stark Imperium Skyfortress
  • 2x Kriegsturm Assault Airship
  • 4x Jaeger Aerial Fast Destroyer
  • 4x Aerial Escort
  • 2x Reiter Cruiser
  • 4x Sigimer Destroyer
  • 3x Prydain War Rotor
  • 3x Tintagel Battle Rotor
  • 6x Saxon Scout Rotor
  • 3x Newfoundland Attack Cruiser
  • 6x Orca Hunter Submarine
  • SRS Tokens
  • 1x Rule Book
  • 1x Campaign Book
  • 2x Victory & Valour card decks (60 cards each)
  • 1x Template set
  • 40x Action dice
  • 12x Critical dice
  • 2x Condition token sets

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.

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