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Solar Auxilia Infantry

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While the Horus Heresy predominantly showcased the Legiones Astartes, another elite force played a crucial role in the conflict – the Solar Auxilia. Recognized as humanity's finest mortal warriors, the Solar Auxilia proved their mettle against even the formidable Space Marines. Their strength lay in unwavering discipline, relentless firepower, and overwhelming numbers, compensating for any shortcomings in direct combat against the Astartes.

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The Solar Auxilia Infantry set serves as the ideal starting point for building your army, offering a diverse array of essential units. From lasrifle or flamer-equipped Auxilia to Charonite Ogryns, Aethon Heavy Sentinels, and veteran axe-wielding Veletarii, this set provides a comprehensive foundation. Each unit is under the command of an Auxilia Commander and their Tactical Command section, ensuring efficient leadership on the battlefield. With just one or two sets, you can establish a dependable core for your grand-scale Solar Auxilia army, ready to confront the challenges of the Horus Heresy with unmatched versatility and strength.

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