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Civitas Imperialis City Road Tiles

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On worlds devastated by the war of the Dark Ages, huge armies fight fierce battles among ruined cities. Once upon a time, these imposing hives and dilapidated industrial zones rested on solid foundations, with standard-sized roads and blocks laid out in logical grids according to imperial edicts. This plastic kit features a set of six modular floor tiles, perfect for games of Legions Imperialis and Adeptus Titanicus. These tiles feature different road configurations, offering dozens of possibilities when arranging city blocks and wide arteries. Sprinkle these tiles with Civitas Imperialis terrain elements to create a visually striking battlefield.

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Each tile measures 12x12 inches (305x305 mm). When assembled, they form a rectangular area measuring 36x24 inches (915x610 mm). You can combine several kits to cover a game table of any size. This kit includes 2 straight road tiles, 2 T-junction tiles and 2 crossroads tiles. The miniatures are supplied unpainted, and the use of Citadel paint is recommended.

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