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Pure Metal Pigments Or Antique

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Discover our special new range of powder pigments, Pure Metal Pigments. Made from real metals, these pigments offer exceptional realism.

To apply them, mix with a small amount of medium (varnish, paint, pigment fixative, but we especially recommend Master Medium) and spread as much as possible over the surface. Excessive amounts of medium can reduce the metallic effect. An adequate quantity will enable the pigments to be applied with an airbrush.

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They can be mixed with other colors and paints to add variations or hues. They are compatible with acrylic and non-acrylic paints and mediums, and can be combined with epoxy resins. They can also be used with oxidation accelerators to create true oxidation effects. After application, they can be polished to a smooth surface. For best adhesion, it is recommended to apply them to matt surfaces.

Contents: 30 ml


  • Each bottle contains 30 ml of product. Due to the high compaction capacity of these pigments, it may appear on opening that there is less product. If the bottle is shaken before use, the pigment will decompact, filling the 30 ml volume.
  • These pigments are non-toxic, but it's important to avoid inhaling their dust.
  • Keep the bottle tightly closed in a cool, dry place to prevent oxidation.
  • Once painted or sealed with a medium, even acrylic, the pigment will not rust.
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