If your order contains at least one pre-ordered product ("Pre-order" tag on its label), then it is shipped on the date specified on the product (usually the following Saturday).

How can I be sure to receive my product on the day it is released?

To be sure that your order will be dispatched on the day it is released, you should only order products that have the "In stock" tag on their labels or in your basket after you have added them (even pre-ordered products).

Pre-order and available stock

Games Workshop confirms a pre-stock for each pre-ordered product. This is a guaranteed stock but we will only receive it on the day of the official release of the product. If a pre-order product is labelled "in stock" at the time of your purchase, it is part of this batch and you are sure to receive it on the day of its release.

Pre-ordered products that do not have the "In stock" label must be ordered from Games Workshop and we will receive them within about 15 days after your purchase (subject to availability at Games Workshop), delaying its shipment accordingly.

Pre-orders and out-of-stock items

It happens regularly that even a pre-ordered product is already out of stock at Games Workshop. If you pre-order a product that does not have the "In stock" label, you may not receive it right away. You will then be notified by email if the product is temporarily or permanently out of stock and can contact us to cancel the product if you wish.

If you are in a hurry and absolutely want to receive your product the day it is released, prefer to order only products with the "In stock" tag (even pre-ordered products).

Queuing system for pre-orders

When stocks are limited by the supplier, or when there is a large demand, we set up a queue system for pre-orders. Once you have put a pre-ordered product in your basket, it is reserved for you for 10 minutes. The product is then removed from stock. You then have 10 minutes to place an order and we guarantee the availability of the product. After this time, the product is removed from your basket and made available again for another customer.