My Hobby Place was created by two wargaming enthusiasts, and more particularly the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This site aims to satisfy two important aspects of the hobby: buying miniatures at the best price and supporting the wargame community on social networks and media.

Buy Games Workshop miniatures at the best price

My Hobby Place's goal is simple: to be the cheapest French site for Games Workshop miniatures, without having to look for discount codes everywhere or having to become patrons of Youtubers to obtain counter-parties.

Thus, most of the catalogue is 20% cheaper than the official Games Workshop price. Impossible to find better in France!

Supporting content creators

But that's not all! As well as benefiting from attractive prices, you can simply encourage your favourite Youtuber. When you place your order, you can choose a My Hobby Place partner content creator. The latter will then receive 5% of the amount of your order.

So with My Hobby Place, everyone wins. You, because you get the best price for your minis. Your favourite youtuber, who you support simply and easily.