We offer the entire Games Workshop reseller catalog. On these products, we can offer up to 20% off. However, Games Workshop also offers other products or miniatures that are not available through the distribution channel reserved for official resellers. These products are called "Direct Via Trade".

Contact us to add a "Direct Via Trade" product to the online catalog

If you do not find a product in our catalog, it is probably part of the "Mail Order" range. In this case, use our contact form to ask us to add it. This way, you will be able to buy it on our website.

-10% off the "Direct Via Trade" range

On these products, we offer you a discount of -10%.

Delivery time for "Direct Via Trade" product

The supply of this type of product is longer. It takes about 30 days to ship, subject to availability at Games Workshop. Before ordering a DVT product you can check its availability at Games Workshop by visiting their website.

How to identify a "Direct Via Trade" product?

To find out if a Games Workshop product is a "DTV" product, go to the www.warhammer.com website. Every product that has a mention "Online Only" is a "DTV" product.

Forge World products or Expert Kit

Unfortunately, we don't have access to Forge World branded products, also identified on the Warhammer website as 'Expert Kit'.