For countless years, the rulers of Istanbul, known as the Sultans, have asserted their ownership of the world's most sacred territories and have valiantly defended them against the incursions of unbelievers, marauders, and thieves. Initially, their reign grew complacent and sluggish due to the immense wealth within their realm, and there were moments when it seemed as though foreign adversaries might lead to the Sultanate's collapse. However, a renaissance has been sparked within the Sultanate, thanks to the wellspring of knowledge unlocked by the New Learning, propelling it back onto the global stage as a formidable power.

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Yet, the Sultan and the esteemed Sublime Porte have not solely received revelations from the New Learning. Covert allies of the Sultanate have conveyed a profound message – in this era marked by dystopia, all is not as it appears. A graver menace looms beyond the grandstanding of the major world powers, and it is the collective responsibility of all to stand against this ominous curse before it engulfs the world in darkness.