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Tuskboss on Maw-grunta

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Behold the arrival of the colossal swine! 

Take charge of your Ironjawz horde while perched atop the most irritable and truculent mount to ever tread upon the vast landscapes of the Mortal Realms. To put it mildly, this beast could rival Dorghar in terms of sheer temperament. The Tuskboss emerges as a formidable combatant and an adept leader, poised to lead Ironjawz armies with unparalleled ferocity. Notably, the presence of a Tuskboss grants you the privilege of fielding additional Maw-gruntas as Battleline units, making for a thunderous cavalry charge.

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Picture it: an entire force composed of these towering, bristly chargers! The kit featured here allows you to assemble the Tuskboss variant, or, if preferred, craft a Maw-grunta with Hakkin' Crew or a Maw-grunta Gouger. With an array of customizable options, you can ensure your creation stands out as a commanding presence on the battlefield, ready to wreak havoc and strike fear into the hearts of your foes. The Ironjawz' brute strength and power find their ultimate expression in the Tuskboss, symbolizing the unrelenting might of Gorkamorka's followers.

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