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We Are Brave Squad Pack

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A captivating pack makes its debut in Star Wars: Shatterpoint, spotlighting an iconic queen of Naboo and her inner circle! Since her youth, Padmé Amidala has been committed to public service, fighting tirelessly for her people in the Galactic Senate, in the back streets of Theed and beyond.

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She is accompanied by her devoted servants, including her decoy, Sabe, who frequently protects Amidala by taking on her appearance. This pack includes a full squad of four figures: Queen Padmé Amidala as the main unit, Sabe as the secondary unit, and two Royal Handmaidens of Naboo as the support unit. These figures can be deployed in tandem or alongside other figures from the Star Wars: Shatterpoint universe.

What's more, this pack includes all the unit, posture and order cards needed to allow these characters to fully immerse themselves in the galactic battle to come. Prepare yourself for a captivating gaming experience by integrating these iconic figures into your tactical arsenal.

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