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Guerriers Géonosiens - Extension d'Unité (French)

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Geonosian warriors are born with predetermined roles within a caste system led by a Queen at the head of the hive. Unlike Geonosian drones, which have no wings, Geonosian warriors have wings that allow them to fly above ground and into the underground catacombs of Geonosis. Like other insectoid species, Geonosian warriors have a robust exoskeleton that effectively protects them from injury.

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When faced with more powerful opponents, the Geonosians capitalise on their numerical superiority to overwhelm the attackers on the battlefield, quickly retreating underground to delay the advance of the invaders.

This expansion for STAR WARS: LEGION includes 7 finely sculpted miniatures, as well as new Unit and Enhancement cards to deploy on the battlefield.

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