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Sun Fac & Poggle le Bref (French)

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Poggle the Short held the position of Archduke and led the Geonosians during the Clone Wars. Although answerable to Karina the Great, Queen of the Hive, Poggle the Short was the public representative of the Geonosians. Working closely with Count Dooku, he was responsible for supplying the Confederacy of Independent Systems with droids manufactured in Geonosian factories. His lieutenant, Sun Fac, was one of his closest collaborators. As a Geonosian raised to the highest echelons of the local aristocracy, Sun Fac was as ruthless to the Geonosians under his command as he was to his enemies.

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This expansion for STAR WARS™: LEGION includes two finely sculpted miniatures, as well as new Unit and Command cards to deploy on the battlefield.

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