A burgeoning force emerges, breathing new life into the faded glories of the past, invigorated by fresh achievements and visionary ideals. Galvanized by resolute leadership and enriched by the bounties of modern technology, the Republic of France has forged a formidable union, uniting the League of Italian States, the Sovereignty of Spain, and the Kingdom of Portugal. Their unwavering resolve is set on claiming a rightful place among the world's dominant powers. No longer will they endure neglect, and their lands shall no longer serve as a battleground for Europe's nations to settle their disputes. Where there exists a determination to succeed, victory is sure to follow.

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Much like the legendary phoenix rising from its own ashes, the Latin Alliance shall purge the stain of past defeats, toppling empires, and vanquishing those who once sought to subjugate them. Victory or martyrdom!