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Nords: Sea Jotnar Artisan Series, designed by Michael Kontraros

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1 resin monster model per pack. Includes a regimental stand. 1 command card.

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In ancient times, so remote that they have passed from legend to myth, the Jötnar of the Sea challenged the Jötnar of the Ice for the leadership of their people. They were defeated only when their mountain cousins rallied to their foes. Forced to swear powerful oaths of loyalty and service, they were nevertheless exiled from Jotunheim, forced to seek refuge in the waters surrounding what was once their homeland. Having grown strong and powerful thanks to the abundance of the oceans, when the Einherjar awoke, the Jötnar of the Sea were drawn into battle against the Einherjar by their leaders, the Jötnar of the Ice, only to see their loyalty oaths transferred to the victorious humans. Centuries of hunting and feasting on the riches of the deep sea have made them powerful and cunning, making them an ideal asset on the battlefield for those formidable enough to impose the authority of the ancient oaths.

This figurine was designed by the Para-Bellum team in line with our aesthetic, then sculpted by renowned artist Michael Kontraros. It's a true handcrafted series miniature, with incredible detail that makes it a presence on a gaming table or as a painted model.

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