Once, there were those who dared to assert that the kingdoms and empires of the East were mere feeble reflections of the Western powers, ripe for exploitation and plunder. Such misguided notions could only escape the lips of the arrogant and the uninformed, for the Empire's strength and mastery have been vividly demonstrated on victorious battlefields. The Immortal Celestian Emperors have maintained their unchallenged reign for nearly a millennium, enriched by a profound legacy of history, tradition, wisdom, and resilience. To entertain the idea that fledgling nations could challenge the illustrious Empire?

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Unified and resolute, the realms of the Celestian Emperors thrive, marked by prosperity, advancement, and an unwavering readiness for any conflict. We lay claim to ten millennia of harmony under the benevolent gaze of our Immortal Emperors!