Marked by a recent Civil War that left indelible scars and marred by the horrific technologies deployed to secure victory, the Union now appears as a somber reflection of its former glory. The Union's conquest and subjugation of the former Confederacy and the more distant southern territories, as well as the emerging opportunities in the West, serve as somber consolation for a nation weary from the ravages of war. The Union takes pride in the formidable military power it now commands, determined to ensure that the brutal toll exacted by the pursuit of freedom will never again be paid.

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Nonetheless, the flame of the American spirit refuses to be extinguished. Despite being marked and hardened by their own harrowing experiences, the Union's military-industrial complex understands the depths to which humanity can descend. Their only glimmer of hope lies in their strength and unwavering resolve to stand resolute in the face of immense adversity, no matter the cost.