In the fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000, the Inquisition is a group of powerful witch hunters and heretics who act on behalf of the Emperor of Mankind. They are charged with maintaining religious orthodoxy and protecting the Imperium from internal and external threats.

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Members of the Inquisition are exceptionally powerful and capable individuals, chosen from among the best and most loyal servants of the Emperor. They have access to a wide variety of weapons, equipment and resources, and are tasked with investigating, capturing and judging criminals, and defending the Imperium against all forms of danger.

The Inquisition is divided into several orders, each specialising in a particular task. For example, the Order of Surgeons is responsible for overseeing medical activities and ferreting out individuals who use science in immoral or dangerous ways. The Order of Psykers, on the other hand, is responsible for monitoring individuals with psychic powers and protecting them from external threats.

Because of their power and authority, members of the Inquisition are often regarded with fear and respect by other members of the Imperium. However, their authority is often controversial and they are sometimes accused of using extreme methods to achieve their goals.